Welcome to the SRDF Website

You will find a menu with links to all the information you need to navigate this site. Document links will forward to the SRF website documents (if the links don’t work go to www.srdf.se to find the updates) and some documents will be stored locally.

Our kit sponsors for 2017/2018 are PwC for the 2nd time and NZ Craft Pies, who are helping fuel the refs with their products. PwC have helped supply kit for referees in Sweden since 2015 and have been a great supporter of rugby referees in Sweden.

Law Trials 2018 – All law trials in Sweden will follow the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE time line, which means the new law trials from the 1st Jan 2018 are all in place. Visit the World Rugby Laws website (see Useful Links) for more information 

NOTE TO CLUBS: Contact the match referee the week before your match (at least 24 hours before) to confirm the fixture, kick off time, logistics, and to sort payment of travel costs and match fees for lower tier games. Click the Contacts menu option on this website to access the referee contacts list. If you can’t get hold of the referee then contact the Referee Manager. Failure to do this will result in your referee being reassigned. 

Happy refereeing



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the SRDF Website”

  1. Hej Svenska Rugbydomarföreningen.
    Kul att ni lever ännu. Jag vet inte hur ni har det med historien, men det var jag, Stig-Arne Sköldberg, Göteborgs RK som tillsammans med Leif Bondesson, Pingvin RC, som tog initiativ till och startade Svenska Rugbydomarföreningen.

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    1. This is a separate organisation to the SRF though and registered with Skatteverket as an ideellförening. This incantation of the referee society was started up as described above, but if you have more information on the history of referees in Sweden I would love to include it on this site.


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